Monday, October 31, 2016


 Halloween costumes on dogs are SO cute!!    Russell was modeling his outfit.
 My friend, Elaine, rescued Pip-- he was in awful shape (like our Joyful Grace) and now he bounces around and is all set for Halloween!
 Triple and Maggie are ready!
 My friend, Donna, makes costumes for her five!  They are the Flying Monkeys.  TOO CUTE!!
 Sophie thought long and hard and ....
 here is her beautiful dress.   Just stunning!
 Love this picture-- now that is a long tongue!
 Charly is set-- she's scary!
But, remember.  You open the door a LOT on Halloween to pass out candy.  We may assume that our dogs won't get out, won't be scared.   But, they may be both-- so if you want them close by, keep them leashed to something so they can't run out the door.  It would be terrifying for them.   That way, they can have a happy Halloween, too.

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LadyJicky said...

Well its Halloween right now and Coco and I are waiting for some callers. We had my two grandkids a hour ago and they were in their costumes - very cute.
I will be hanging on to Coco so she does not get passed the door if we have some more !