Thursday, December 28, 2017


This is long, but it's a picture memory for all the family as we remember 
our happy Camp Runamuck Christmas!
 Starlight shone on Christmas.  She was showing off in her new sweater and candy cane.
 My granddaughter relaxed before the chaos began.  Lil Bit aka Sweet Girl, is 14 now.  She is so sweet.
Camp Runamuck at Christmas is a different place from the rest of the year.
Pekes dream of sugar plums.
Starlight, Her Royal Fluffiness (as called by one of her admirers) waits to be catered to.
Baby gates protect the presents, even though the Pekes have been really good this year. 
The presents were ready for the Bits and their parents (oh yes, they are my kids, but the Bits rank the highest now lol).
Presents were everywhere-- there were a lot of people here .
Floyd was content to find a spot and just hang out.  Safer that way.
Can you see the little "bling necklace" on the tiny tree-- Starlight's vet tech, Bettina gave it to her.
Our honorary granddaughter was with us, too.   She's been part of our family for almost 5 years.   She has always been a little afraid of Starlight, but Starlight now likes her.
Chumley had his girl with him-- she adores him.
Granger was here-- he modeled an elf outfit. 
He really just wanted to go outside.   He loves to guard the yard from elf invaders!
The unwrapping began.
There were all kinds of presents-- serious ones, playful ones.
Warm ones...
Pi had on her Christmas jingle collar.  We are so grateful she is still with us.   (She had cancer surgery almost two years ago, and a bloat procedure the day before Thanksgiving-- she is over 16 and the best dog ever-- we love her.)
Sugar Bit was loving her new grill set.  She also got a toaster (and coffee pot), and the toast pops up, startling her!   So funny.
Let's try it again.
Kai Kai had his spot for the festivities.   The couch is his safe spot.
Starlight let our granddaughter rub her tummy and did her begging thing when the rubbing stopped-- it's so cute.
Our granddaughter was thrilled that Starlight was now her friend.
At dinner time, we all moved next door to my sister's house.  She has a new kitchen and there's a lot of space in there!   Big counters, plenty of room for all the food. 
My daughter was preparing something while the Bits played, the adults either sat or helped.  I sat (I was sick a lot over Christmas).
Lil Bit aka Sweet Girl was helping.  She's great in the kitchen!  She can make a meal anytime at my house.
Poppy tossed Sugar Bit in the air.
Ready, set, go!
My son in law watched the fun.
More?  Who can resist.
She loves her Poppy.
Beach Bit was busy-- the boys both love to build things.
Drill Bit and Beach Bit can get into all kinds of things together!
Bitty Bit the Viking modeled her new hat and scarf.
Starlight gave out more kisses.
Starlight hung out in a safe spot at times-- so much wrapping, boxes and people!  She didn't want to get lost in the paper.
Kai Kai modeled a new winter sweater!  It's a Llama-- years ago, on a trip (when the kids were still home), I suddenly saw a Llama on a hill and yelled, "Llama, Llama, Llama."   It's been an ongoing thing ever since-- funny how little events stick.
My granddaughter gave me a sweet necklace.
And the porch baby swing was replaced by a canvas swing that they can all use.   Oh yes, they liked this!  It's the gift I forgot about-- suddenly I realized there was something else. LOL
My granddaughter gave me a gift from her country.
And I received an address plaque with Pekingese on top!!  (Courtesy of Christmas Town in Williamsburg Busch Gardens.)
Yes, we had a wonderful Camp Runamuck Christmas! 
 When it was over, Granger took front seat in his car for the ride home. 
Look at the face of his sister-- I have no idea what she was startled by, but it's pretty funny!  (click on the photo for a close up)    I love my crazy, loving, happy family!    I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 


LadyJicky said...

What a busy but fabulous Christmas you had Linda.... even if you were sick :(

Lost Earring said...

What a welcome treat to drop in for a virtual visit at Camp Runamuck as well as witnessing a beautiful family's Christmas with all of the little Bits and all of the wonderful Fur Kids.

Thank you for this visit. Have a Happy New Year and a beautiful family year.