Tuesday, December 26, 2017


 This will be a short blog.  I had great intentions of writing a long one, but I'm tired.   Starlight is, too.   Don't you love her Christmas tree sweater!
 We got a new dog sweater-- Kai Kai is modeling and I'll tell you the story about the Llama tomorrow.
 Starlight and Granger had on Christmas sweaters from our best vet tech, Bettina!
 And Pi is still with us for her 16th Christmas thanks to the wonderful vet we use (Acredale Aninmal Hospital in Virginia Beach) who did a bloat procedure on her last month (Thanksgiving Eve).   Chumley is photo-bombing the picture.
 Granger was cracking us up-- a "bad dog" elf!
 He can get in trouble because he is so adventurous! lol
See tomorrow's blog for our Christmas Day pictures-- I'm going to bed!  (written Christmas Day evening-- and we're all tired and blessed.)


LadyJicky said...

Way too hot and muggy here for sweaters but everyone looks so cute in them :)

Lost Earring said...

Please rest, both you and your babies. Love following the Linda Maxwell story but exhaustion is not a healthy place to be.