Saturday, December 30, 2017


  I wanted to do one more Christmas pups blog.  Just for fun.   I loved Ollie and his peppermint headband.
 Christmas may be over-- but most of us still have the Christmas spirit. Poof Blossom was a blessing to all of us this year.  We get some in who touch our hearts in a different way because of what they have survived.  Blossom never lost her joy!
 We begin to put the decorations away.  I'm sure Maxx is helping.
Oliver celebrated in his foster home.  He is waiting for his forever home. 
Khloe was there, too.
Christmas can make Pekes contemplative.  Or maybe Granger is just pooped.
And they give us cute poses.  Chewy is adorable.  He is available for adoption!  He would love to be the only dog.
Sweet Pi had cozy Christmas nap.
And Kai Kai was festive in his coat.
Poof Blossom snuggled on a Christmas pillow.  Love.
Max guarded his yard on a Christmas blanket.
Granger took advantage of a Christmas pillow.
And Floyd did the same. 
Floyd-- I just couldn't resist posting multiple pictures of my sweet boy.
Starlight had to make an appearance. 
Her family joined her-- she was more interested in playing.
Kai Kai loves the soft blankets.   He may have lost his eyes, but his ability to love is huge.  I love this boy of mine!
Pi used her tail as a hat rack-- literally!
Miss Pearl is stunning-- she is such a beautiful, sweet girl.
The Peters' group-- I'm reusing some pictures because this is the last blog for Christmas.   Some are just worth another look.
Silly Granger!
Contemplative Max.  My old boy.
Chauncey-- adoption pending!  A Merry Christmas for him.
Beautiful Desi -- she had major surgery this year and came through so well. 
Doolin rested during the Christmas season.
Freddie, Santa and Mrs. Claus!
Doolin's brother, Gizzy, relaxed, too.  Christmas was busy for the pups also!
Jade and Jasmin-- sweet girls rescued from a bad situation.  First happy Christmas!
Maddy-- I'm sure he's ready for a rest.
Magnolia-- love her.
My Australian friend's girl Coco!  Such a beauty.  You all know her mom, Lady Jicky. :-)  What a blessing she is to me!
Piper and his brother....
Sammy on Christmas morning.
Sweet Princess Kent-- what a Christmas she had.  Cared for, lots of food, blankets and love!
Rusty-- sweet boy.   One of our alumni!
Precious Simon..
And Tucker.   We end the Christmas season with so much joy and thanksgiving for each of you.  For all the dogs saved.  For each one adopted.  For so many friends we have on facebook who allow us to be part of their lives and who share their pictures with us.   We are grateful to you this Christmas season.  It has been quite a year! 


LadyJicky said...

I love all of those Christmas Pup's Linda ....... especially Pi and her Christmas Hat tail!!

Lost Earring said...

There's never too much Christmas Spirit with the extra-large families of Pekingese here. Love them all and especially KaiKai and Grainger.