Friday, December 1, 2017


 Getting a group Christmas picture can be a challenge.   Especially if you have more than two dogs.
 Kay and Claretta lined them up--notice the red blanket across the back of the couch.  It used to be across the entire couch.  A friend had suggested that they put leashes on the dogs and tuck the leashes into the couch.   It might work if you don't have leather couches. 
 Each Peke had on antlers.   All the dogs were ready and the picture taking began.  Well, kind of.  Pop was not in favor of the antlers.
 Domino was a better sport about it.   He was the most hyper reindeer of them all.  The look on his face, oh my!
 BG (Baby Girl) was just about done.  ENOUGH!   What were these people thinking trying to put reindeer antlers on her! 
 She then proceeded  to give a good lecture: the true meaning of Christmas does NOT involve antlers.  :)
 The FINAL shot looks great.  Tori the Doberman was not about to be involved in this demeaning activity, so she left the room.  The final picture was as good as it could get-- and I think it looks wonderful.   Merry Christmas from BG (Baby Girl), Domino, Pop, Tina, Maggie, Teddy and BeauBob.    Okay, now, the challenge is for the rest of you to try this!  Have fun!

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LadyJicky said...

I cannot get one Peke to pose for a photo .... let alone trying to get a costume on her!!!

That was one great job there Linda!!!!