Saturday, December 23, 2017


Simon and Bella have been in their new home almost two months-- can it be that long? 
They love their mom, Jan, so much.  She was out of town a few days and when she got home, they were all over her. 
She finally laid down on the floor and they kissed her all over her face.  It was so precious.
 Pooky has joined their family.  Bella, what do you think of him? 
She wore her Christmas sweater-- for about a minute.  She was not impressed.
Pooky, on the other hand, loves his Christmas sweater!
Just look how cute he is.
Whew-- the sweater is off!   Bella is only 9 pounds, but she is the boss, and if she does not want a sweater on, well, that's how it will be.
Simon is still the sweet, timid boy he was here.  But, he loves tables, and ottomans, and couch tops.
Yes, there he is!
Simon loves being on the chest, covered with a blanket.  His mom pushed it over to the window so he could guard the yard and watch for squirrels.  He is adorable in his Christmas sweater and is very content to stay in it.   I wish all of them a joyful happy Christmas just like all the others who have gone through our home and let us be part of their lives.   What a blessing!

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LadyJicky said...

A wonderful Christmas to Simon and Bella !!! Oh they are just so cute together .

Linda ... its so hot here and today we took Coco to the groomers for her Summer Cut.

Coco is feeling a lot better with her fur gone for now .
In her old age the heat really gets to her and I guess you all are shivering in the cold!