Wednesday, December 27, 2017


 Nicky belonged to Janis and her husband.  I met Nicky when I went to their home for Paddy to be adopted in January of 2014. 
 Paddy was a mix we got out of a Maryland shelter and such a sweet boy.   He loved his new big brother, Nicky, right away.    Lexie, on the right, joined the family later (she is almost 3). 
 Janis knew this would be Nicky's last Christmas, so she made sure she got Christmas pictures of him-- and they are beautiful.
 I know she will cherish this one.
 Nicky and Lexie rested by the fire.   Nicky was blind and mostly deaf.   He had a hard time getting around.   He had also developed Canine Cognitive Disorder, and life was just not the same.  He slept most of the time. 
 He was 14 1/2, but Janis knew it was time.  He was a her boy since he was a puppy, and was always by her side until the last year when he wasn't well.   He would get on the back of the couch by her and hang out by her side.
Nicky is now pain free, his mind is clear, he can see and hear.  Letting them go is the last gift we can give them when they are no longer able to heal and become whole again.  But, it's so hard.   He was loved and will be missed.   Run free, sweet boy.


Angie Drake said...

So beautiful! Thank you for writing this for my mom. She loved him so much and her heart is aching right now. Hope this helps her get through the pain she'll feel the next several days. Again...thank you!

LadyJicky said...

Oh it just touched my heart when I read that his family new Nicky was ill and so they had the last Christmas photo. Oh ..... so sad.

Marie Becraft said...

Janis is like a sister to me and I hate to see her heart broken. But she is so kind to let Nicky go.
I pray her pain eases with each day. Nicky will never be forgotten in this family.