Saturday, December 9, 2017


 Poof was still our my house when we began Christmas decorating.  She rested her head on the Christmas pillow.  Poof went to her new home, and I will do an update on her soon.
The Pekingese led sleigh was in the window watching out for Santa.   Kay and Claretta gave me this years ago and it comes out every Christmas.  
 When I decorate, most of the rooms are touched with Christmas. 
 Kai Kai decorated the yard for a bit-- but there are also Christmas flags outside, lights in the windows.... wreaths on the doors.......
 There are signs above doorways.
 Christmas tables liners begin to appear.  Christmas dog beds come out, too.
 Candles are on the mantle...
 Christmas is magical.  The playroom has two small trees for the Bits. 
 Of course, there are Christmas afghans and pillows in there, too.
 You can see the playroom trees from the outside at night.
 Sugar Bit helped me decorate the small tree in the rec room (which connects to the dining room) while I did the big one.   We have a porch tree also, so we have five trees.  The big one above, has most of the decorations on it.
 "Joy" signs are all over-- in remembrance to Joyful Grace and to the season.
 Christmas pictures replace some of the regular ones.
 Bathrooms are decorated, too.
 Christmas towels come out.
 My star from my childhood in the Philippines goes to its place in the window.
 The laundry room has a touch of Christmas, too.  Might as well make that a happy room, since I seem to spend a lot of time in there.  (The dog feeding desk and food are all in there, too.)
 A Christmas flag is next to the washing machine and extra refrigerator.
 Another bathroom sign-- Christmas is spread all over.  I love it.
 Our bedroom gets Christmas blankets.  The toddler bed in there (for Bits who want to be in our room) is also set up for Christmas.
 The front hallway has Santa come in.
 And snowmen visit-- above the beautiful quilt that one of our members made.
 Angels set up shop there, too-- Sugar Bit keeps rearranging them.
 Candy canes magically appear.
The Christmas gazing ball that Jeanne gave me is on the piano, along with the painting of Lexie.  (If you look closely, you will see her tiny tennis ball by her picture.)  At night, the gazing ball is beautiful when the light inside makes the colors more vivid.
Yes, I love to decorate for Christmas.  The house becomes a different place for Bits, Pekes, and people.  We love it! 


Lost Earring said...

I love what you do to make the Christmas holidays so beautiful and a ton of memories for the Bits as well.

Unknown said...

looks wonderful and so lively for christmas