Friday, December 29, 2017


Oreo is watching the activity-- Christmas was coming and the house was being decorated.
Gizmo knew things were happenings outside-- things were going up with lights on them and they were big!
Duke decided that laying in bed was a good place to be-- otherwise he might be called to help!
Furby popped up, "Help?  I'll help!"
All the Pekes were happy when all the decorating was done.  Jackie and Bill's house is a happy place.   It's a GREAT foster home and they have so much love to give out.    Here are (front row) Dixie, Furby, Pepper Ann, Gizmo, Duke and Oreo.  (back row) Bubba and Rocky.
Princess Kent was the only one you can't really see.  She is head down in the back, looking for treats haha.   She is tiny (just over 7 pounds) and fragile.  But, she has a big spirit to live.   And she looks so cute in her Christmas dress!  Jackie and Bill took her in without a second thought when they heard she needed help. 
Furby, do you like the lights on the tree? 
Pepper Ann and Furby are thrilled that Christmas has arrived.
Dixie (I think this is Dixie) just sat and gazed at the beauty of it all.
Duke came over to join Princess Kent-- what was everyone so excited about?
Rocky came over!   Did you push Rocky out of the way?   Probably not-- you're such a timid, sweet boy.
Are you giving directions??
Oh my, it's a bossy moment!
Gizmo has joined Princess Kent.   They must have lined up to get a turn by her.
Bubba joined them next.  I love all their red collar bows.   Here is the whole gang playing (I don't know if everyone can see this, but it's adorable.)
Jackie and Bill have an incredible ability to care for many of our fosters.  Some were adopted and came back for various reasons.  But, once they are back "home" they thrive, have joy, and have friends.  They feel safe and feel the love that fills every part of this home.  Princess Kent joined their rescue home as a forever foster.  She is old, and has medical needs.  Like the rest, she is given the most incredible care and love.   Some of the fosters there are available for adoption-- Furby and Rocky, Oreo and Duke.   They are special and will only go to homes that can give them the care they need.  They have been through so much--the Peke "farm" is their safe place.   Thank you to Jackie and Bill -- they are selfless in all they do.   They exhibit the spirit of Christmas to me every day in how they live and care for others and the Pekes there.   I know this was a Merry Christmas for their entire family there.   It's a happy Peke place!


Lost Earring said...

Another great morning upper. What great people Jackie and Bill are for opening their hearts and home to these little treasures and giving them good memories to replace their bad beginnings.

LadyJicky said...

Jackie and Bill are doing such a great job !!!
I must say...... every peke in their house is lovely but Princess Kent took my heart .
Please give her a special pat for me :)