Friday, December 22, 2017


 Starlight finally convinced her siblings that it was time to pose for Christmas pictures.
 So, we began.  Starlight first.  Then, Chumley was added.
 Kai Kai was added next.  Shockingly, no one tried to get off the couch. 
 Kai Kai was a little bored though.
 Next came Floyd.   I put a Christmas outfit on him that had a hood. 
 Floyd was not impressed.
 "Can you take this thing off?" 
 Starlight was so good, but she did get a little "I'm over it" after awhile.
 We had four.  Time to add Max.
 Max is also known as Mr. Grumpy, so he just had a Christmas bell collar on.   Not putting him in an outfit!
 Starlight kept checking him out.   Yes, Starlight, that IS your brother.
 Kai Kai decided to take a nap.   Floyd managed to get the hood off.
 Chumley was considering leaving the scene.
 But, he stayed awhile longer.
 Are you done, Floyd?
 Starlight rested her head on the candy cane toy.
 Floyd didn't know what to make of his outfit, with leg coverings.
 But, he was such a good sport.   He is about 13-14 now, deaf, one eye, bad heart... but he keeps on going.
 He just kept posing for me.
 Don't leave Starlight.  You're too small to jump off the couch.  And too old.  She is 13 now.
 I guess she listened.
 Good girl!
 I pushed my luck and put her dress on. 
 She even had a necklace that her favorite vet tech, Bettina, gave her.
 I put her on the ottoman to get a better view.
 And then, she was in front of the tree.  She is so tolerant!
After we were done, Kai Kai and I went in the playroom and he got on the couch there-- by that, I mean, I put him on the couch.  He snuggled with the bears while I worked on the blog.  I love this boy.   They all wish you a Merry, Happy Christmas!


LadyJicky said...

Its just so hard to do this with ONE dog .... you did good Linda!!!

Coco hates the clothing and the hats .... I got my Mum to hold her and did two quick photo's with her in just a Christmas hat and you could tell on her face .... like the Queen ... "she was not amused!! LOL

Lost Earring said...

Love this morning's blog and a visit with the Camp Runamuck Kids. It's doubtful I'll get all three of mine to sit together for photos let alone get clothes on them. We're lucky just to get them to wear tee-shirts or sweat shirts if the weather calls of it.

Merry Christmas to Camp Runamuck and a Happy New Year to all.