Wednesday, January 31, 2018


 Allie (formerly Snowball) came into our rescue in 2014.  She was in a shelter and had an injury, a broken rib.  She was also heartworm positive. 
 In spite of her injury, she was a sweet girl.   She loved to be petted and given attention.  Her past life didn't change how friendly she was.
 We have had several albino Pekingese in our rescue-- they are rare and we get a lot of interest in them.    The same was true for Allie.
 After her heartworm treatment, she was ready to go!   She had an application from a wonderful family where she is adored.   That's what we want.
Just look at this smile-- it doesn't get better than this! 


LadyJicky said...

I am so glad Allie found a loving family!!

Mary Freebed said...

They are odd though beautiful little animals. They look like somebody tried to construct a rabbit, botched the attempt, and decided to salvage the work by making it into a dog.