Friday, January 12, 2018


 Khloe/Lolo came into rescue in November.  She was in a shelter with her brother, Oliver.
 They had been in a home with four Pekingese and two had passed away.   Their owner was having trouble and had to place her two sweet pups in a shelter.  We were contacted to see if we could help. 
 We thought they needed to stay together, but over time, we realized it wasn't necessary.  We like to keep pairs together if we can, but sometimes it is more important to find them forever homes where they will get all the attention and love they deserve.
 Khloe/Lolo is a small one, about ten pounds.   Barbara saw her and just knew she would be perfect for her home.   So, we decided to let her visit there first-- to see how Khloe/Lolo and Oliver did without each other.   If we thought they weren't doing well, we would put them back together.   But, they did fine.
 Oliver is going to his new home on Saturday-- I did his blog yesterday-- and Khloe/Lolo is being officially adopted, too. 
 Her new mom has fostered several for us.  And guess what, most are still there.  LOL   Some of us keep a few of our fosters, and that's what she is doing.
Khloe/Lolo is doing so well- she loves her new mom and has taken over the couch.   She looks right at home. 

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LadyJicky said...

Yes Linda ...... she looks right at home!!! Great!!!