Tuesday, January 2, 2018


 I know I said all the Christmas blogs were done-- but then I received these pictures.
 Gizzy, one of our adopted Pekes (foster failure and I was thrilled!) was in them.  Oh, I also see coffee cups, ready for morning coffee-- yum.
 Gizzy was one of our adopted dogs who was returned because the owner could no longer care for him, but it was his lucky day.  He went to the most perfect foster home for him.  They were so diligent to address his health issues for severe allergies and I learned so much from them.   Tim and Colleen are amazing. 
 Gizzy was Tim's only Christmas wish last year and he got his wish!   Gizzy has been part of their family for over a year (longer if you count foster time). 
 Doolin was their dog before and he welcomed Gizzy to the family.
 He is such a sweet one.  And the tree is beautiful, too!!   (I love love love Christmas and Christmas trees can draw me in any time of year.)
 Gizzy is getting older, but whenever his dad wakes up, Gizzy will pad over to sit by his feet while Tim has his coffee. 
 Tim has a unique way of wrapping gifts and he included a picture.  He just takes a bit of wrapping paper, attaches it to the side of the gift and calls it good!  He calls it "conceptual wrapping."   (He said my husband would understand. LOL )  Yes, Tim, that is special haha.
 The boys got presents, too. 
 They knew there were presents for them.  After all, who would leave them out!
 They convinced their mom and dad that they should have them early.
Doolin got a puffy dog and Gizzy got a puffy giraffe!   These two had a magnificent Christmas.   This is a very special family! 

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LadyJicky said...

Those two are just so cute together :)