Saturday, January 27, 2018


 Starlight had become the face of our rescue.  She was a beautiful little girl and her pictures brightened everyone's day.   I loved sharing her with you. 
 A friend told me, Starlight was like a shining beacon, an example of what rescue is about... how resilient their little hearts can be when offered kindness and love by just the right person... my heart breaks for you, I never got to meet her but every time I saw her sweet little face she made me smile and I loved hearing all about the things that she did and the happiness she brought to her humans... 💜

 She was our little rescue star.   Her mission seemed to be shining a light on how important rescue is.  She showed how far our fosters can come with good care and lots of love.  Other friends said, "Over the years she made us think, she made us happy, she made us laugh out loud at her antics, she made us proud to be Peke family, and then she made us cry. We all loved her and we all miss her too."
 Some people have sent in donations in her memory and she would have loved that.  I'm not asking for donations.  But, for those that are coming in her memory, I think Starlight would want them to go to help our forever fosters-- those dogs who came to us too old or too broken or too medical to go on to forever homes.   We in rescue became their forever homes.   Like Floyd, and Rosie, and Baby Girl and Princess..... When we take them into rescue, we are committed to them, to their care, to their comfort, and to loving them. 
 So, even though I can no longer hear Starlight bark or push her bowl all over the place, or fuss at her siblings, or look up at us to be carried and petted and loved-- she will always be in my heart and in the hearts of so many who fell in love with her. 
 She would want to keep helping in any way she could.
If you want your donation to go to helping our forever fosters, just put "Starlight" on it.  And we will use it to help those who just need to remain with us.   I think Starlight would approve.  I know she would. 

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LadyJicky said...

I think Starlight would be delighted :)