Monday, January 29, 2018


 Magnolia came to me as a foster in August of 2012.
 She was six years old and her family turned her into rescue.
 She wasn't too sure at first what was going on, and I found her hiding in the bathroom-- but she began to feel right at home and then was soon adopted.
 She was adopted by Fiona and Bill-- and she loves them!
 Her mom was showing me how she smiles- LOL.  We had a meeting at Fiona's on Saturday and it was so much fun-- Magnolia thought we were all silly.
 We love going to Fiona's-- it is always so welcoming and relaxing.
 There are usually a few extra Pekes there-- Khloe/Lolo was there.  I'll do another blog on her-- and on ChiChi.
 Magnolia sat outside with the men for part of the meeting.  It was nice and quiet there.
She just enjoyed being the center of attention for Bill (Fiona's husband) and Matt (my husband).  
Magnolia, you are such a little beauty (and could be Nala and BeeBee's older sister).  Thank you for sharing your home with us!! 

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LadyJicky said...

Magnolia has lovely colouring!