Monday, January 8, 2018


Simon and Bella have been in their new home for several months.   I love these two!!  They were in my home for awhile as they healed and got healthy.
Simon is more laid back and easy going-- and he loves to be on things.
They sleep in bed with their mom.  Comfy!
If you remember, Bella came into rescue with a very bad, enlarged eye.  It was removed and she is doing great.   
She still uses her blanket-or her brother's!   She loves them both.  Jackie makes these for many of our fosters.
She has also decided she is the boss- of everyone.  Tiny girl-- BIG personality. haha
She looks so innocent and easy-going.  HA!
The females really like to be the boss.  I have four males here right now and one female-- guess who is the boss!?  You got it-- Starlight!
Pooky has joined the family-- he's 14 and so sweet.  His owner died so he went to join Bella and Simon's family.
Pickle is 13 and lives there, too.   She tries to join in the play when Simon and Bella get going.
Pooky came last month-- you can tell he has found a lot of the dog beds!   He is a gentle soul. 
In this cold weather, coats are good and Simon loves his.   This big storm we got on the east coast has made a lot of us pull out our dog sweaters!
I think Pooky looks quite dapper in his. 
Bella is surveying her world-- I mean, her house.
She knows she is in charge.
When her cousin, Trio (a PVPC alumni) comes to visit, Bella tries to boss her around, too.
Trio just uses Bella's blanket and lets Bella boss away!  She doesn't care.   She has no need to be in charge.   Good girl, Trio!! 

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lady jicky said...

I have only had 3 peke's in my lifetime and all were girls and every one of them was bossy!

So Bella has got it all under control there ??? LOL Oh yes she has !!!