Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Nala (with the mask) and BeeBee were turned into the shelter by their owner when she realized she could not afford medical care for them. 
The first picture reminds me so much of Max and Maggie from March of 2008-- almost ten years ago.  (Max is still here with me.) All four so happy to be rescued.  (Same mini-van! haha)
Nala and BeeBee went right to the vet.   I always do this-- my vet will fit me in and I really appreciate it.   The girls got a total vet check up.   They also had a nice soothing bath.
The got to have coats and play in the snow-- fun!!
BeeBee and her sister were turned in because BeeBee was having seizures and the owner couldn't take care of her financially.  I'm glad she turned them both in.  They love each other so much.
It's hard to tell them apart- unless you are looking right at them.  Nala has a mask-- but they still fool me.
If I look for one, I find the other.
There must be something interesting outside the window.  Kai Kai doesn't notice. :-)
They are always sitting together, usually touching.
Are you telling secrets?
My couches are all Peke friendly with blankets on them.
They are great for naps. 
Max joined them-- then Kai Kai, then BeeBee (Nala is the next one)--  these are two very sweet, bonded girls.  At five years old, they have a long life ahead of them. + They will only be adopted together.  If you are interested, make sure you fill out an application.   (We adopt in the Maryland/Virginia area and do home and vet checks on each application.  No exceptions.)

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lady jicky said...

They are just the sweetest pair Linda.
I am sure with the right drugs BeeBee's seizures can be controlled . Like all things medical it sounds scary but you get into the swing of things and you wonder why you worried so.
I think they sound lovely and I like the way they just have to touch each other. At 5 they have a long life ahead of them.

I am doing my Adoption Dance for a wonderful home for them both.

I feel really sad for the old owner .... Vet bills can be very expensive and to give these two up .... oh my--- that would have been super hard!
I am saying a little prayer for the old owner too.