Thursday, January 4, 2018


 JJ and Charlie came into rescue in May of 2014-- over three and a half years ago.  Charlie was so happy.
 JJ was a little beauty.
 Just look at this face-- I was so sure they would be adopted quickly.
 JJ was older and had some mobility problems which progressed as he got older. 
They were attached to each other, so we wanted them to stay together.
Charlie was supposed to be 12 and his brother, JJ was 10.  I found out they had been in and out of the shelter three times.   That made us more determined to find a place they would stay the rest of their lives.
 They were both happy dogs and we wanted them to have a home where they would not be moved again. 
 JJ had the sweetest face.   For some reason, no one adopted them.  Sometimes pairs can take time, but I was sure someone would adopt them.  But, it didn't happen.   So, they remained in their foster home which was a wonderful, happy place.   They both had health issues as they aged-- they were at least 13 and 15 years old.  They had laser treatment for back and mobility issues.  One lost his sight and most of his hearing, but they continued on.  Their foster mom began to realize their life was not very good anymore-- and we want quality life for any dog in our care.   We want them to be pain free and comfortable.   If this can't be achieved, the vet is consulted who has cared for them to decide if more medication will help, if some change will lower their pain levels.   Dr. Lucinda Hodges had been their vet and she knew them well. 
I love this picture of them.   We could no longer "fix" them or keep them comfortable.   It was time.   So, they went together today, and walked across the Rainbow Bridge together.  I know their foster mom is broken hearted because they had been with her so long.  They can see now, hear now, run now.   No more pain.  Run free, now sweet boys.

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LadyJicky said...

My heart goes out to their foster Mum as this must have been so very, very hard to do .... let them go to heaven together.
I wish I could just give you a huge hug for the care you gave them both.
You are a Peke Angel indeed!!!!