Tuesday, January 30, 2018


 I decided to call Jackie and Bill's foster home "Camp Kent."  We've called some of their fosters with a second name of Kent and so I gave their home a name haha.   Princess Kent is here with kitten Babykins.
 Princess came to us seven months ago and we thought we could give her a few happy weeks, but she liked it so much that she decided she wasn't leaving.    Our "Starlight Fund" helps our fosters, who like Princess Kent, have come to us and are not really ones that people will adopt due to health or behavior issues.   So, we take care of them. 
 Furby came to us last year with his son, Rocky.  They were adopted but returned because the owner was gone for such a long day that the boys were not doing well.   They need someone who is home more, who can take them out and give them attention. 
 Princess is hoping all her brothers that are fosters will get a forever home. 
 Gizmo (not a foster), Duke and Rocky line up.  What are you thinking about?  These boys get along so well!
 Rocky is one of the sweetest Pekes I've seen.   His owner said he was pure Peke, but we think he's a mix.   Whatever he is, it is pure love.
 Duke spent the first two years of his life with an elderly person who just put him in the bathroom and left him there.   No real care or attention.   He is a little one, and needs a special owner-- and also a best friend Peke to play with. 
 Furby is Rocky's dad-- and a sweetheart.   He is missing most of his tail due to an infection that was not taken care of.  But, when he is happy, that little tail just wags like crazy.
 Oreo and his friends are used to other dogs, they race and run and adore each other.
 Princess is not available for adoption (here with her friend, Buffy), but she wants her foster brothers to have that special home where they will have love the rest of their lives.
 They love to hang out together and being in front of a warm fire on a cold winter evening is great with your buddies.
We see you Gizmo-- he's not a foster.  He's not going anywhere.  
  Rocky hopes they all will have their special home soon. 


LadyJicky said...

Like Rocky ..... I hope they all find a special home real soon too :)

Lost Earring said...

Love the Camp Kent Pekes and I especially love the photo of piles of Pekes in front of the little heating stove. They just look so adorable laying about in a warm comfortable loving home even if it is a short term Foster home. Foster parents often give these precious children their first real taste of steadfastness with food, shelter and love as well as medical care if needed.