Thursday, January 18, 2018


 BG (Baby Girl) came into rescue with her "husband and son" (Furby and Rocky) last year.   BG went to be fostered with Kay and Claretta.
 She joined the other Pekes there-- and a sweet Doberman. 
 She has medical issues that are keeping her in our forever foster care group. 
 She stands guard duty with Pop at the door-- such an important job!  Have to keep those intruders out.
 When it's time for a rest-- it looks like a dormitory haha-- wonder if they've tried bunk beds.
 BG has her special healing blanket from Jackie.  We love these blankets!
 BG can be a little bossy at times, so she keeps her foster moms on their toes!
 Beau says, "Watch out for BG!"
 Tori and Domino form a team to watch her.
 Domino keeps an eye out-- like so many Pekes, he is part of the pirate club.
 Sweet Pop is also a member.
 Sometimes, BG gets a time out-- behave little girl!
 Tina, oh, sweet Tina.  Came to rescue is such rough shape, we weren't sure what she was.   When her skin healed and her hair grew back, we knew she wasn't a Peke (my bad!), but oh the sweetest thing.
At the end of the day, everyone is tired-- even BG, so she and Tina settle down peacefully for the night.  Nothing sweeter than Pekes asleep.


LadyJicky said...

With the cold weather you are having its good that BG has alot of doggie bodies to sleep with - more heat! LOL

Its been so hot here today .... it went to 104f and tomorrow its going to be 107f!!!!

Lost Earring said...

Love these stories about the Furever Fosters living out their remaining years in a loving, caring and safe environment.