Monday, January 15, 2018


One of my friends  adopted two Pekingese from us years ago and then went on to foster many with her own group later.  She told me something that was so humorous-- but so true!!    

Can't help but love them all for their very different personalities they keep us entertained. 
 Lisa said, "One of the things I love about Pekes is that they go from very scared to very entitled (as they should be) in a short time."
 Starlight definitely came with that attitude.
 Barbara told me that Lolo (Khloe) is very much like Starlight-- 
 She said,  "while I get that she likes me and wants to be near me, I can't help but sometimes feel as if she thinks I need her permission to leave the room. She seems to look around the room as if she is surveying her kingdom..."   She said,  "None of the others act that way... Rosie is very quiet and reserved for the most part, Melrose is just happy to have a nice warm place to put himself and is quite pleased with what attention he allows us to give him... Kasey only wants to find his daddy and lamby... and of course eat..."  (Did you notice that she said Melrose determines what attention he allows them to give?  Sounds a little entitled to me haha.)
 BG/Baby Girl definitely has this attitude!
 Granger, well, as long as people carry him, walk him, play with him, he's fine.  No entitled view there!
 Now Jackie and Bill might have a view on this-- or maybe the Pekes there do.  Are any there filled with an entitled view?
 And then there's Starlight-- again.   
 Her favorite tech figured out very early that if she came in, close to the floor, talking sweetly to Starlight that Starlight be just be all over her.   Love both ways here.  We love Bettina!
 Jan, does Bella have an entitled personality?
 My Max does-- and he doesn't.  As long as things go his way, we're fine.   I can pet his head.  No problem.   If I pet his back, he gets all upset about it.  His back doesn't hurt, he's healthy (he's over 14).   He's always been this way.   
 My sweet Kai Kai-- entitled?  Not a bit-- he just wants to be loved.  
 Floyd-- not entitled.  He is just sweet and loving, and not intrusive at all.  Just wants to be near me and loved.  He lays near me on the floor (he does not like being on the couch, but sleeps at my feet on the bed.)
 Chumley is not entitled.  As long as you throw his toy-- over and over and over.
Okay, Starlight, we get it.   You are the poster girl for entitled Pekes.   And I'm okay with that.   You went through so much before you came into rescue-- so that's your excuse.  It couldn't be that you came from a very regal breed who lived in palaces, and was carried around and had every whim taken care of.  No, not at all.  I'm so glad you're OUR entitled Peke!!  

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LadyJicky said...

When Coco feels "entitled" its when I am late with her breakfast or her dinner ... she seeks out me or others in the house to tell on me !!!