Saturday, January 6, 2018


 My daughter lives about an hour from me and we are in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  But, she feels like she accidentally was moved to New England.   Gigi, her lab, loves the snow.
 Winter evening pictures are so beautiful.
 Granger thought he was a sled dog.  Then, he became a snow truck, nosing out the snow in front of him.
 Later, he was content to warm up and get ready for his next outside session.
 Gigi agreed.
 Madeline and Mickey are not sure at all about the snow!  What is all this white stuff?
 Hannah and Phoebe know exactly what they are going to do with the snow-- nothing!
 Tracey's pups are not a bit thrilled.  They didn't want to venture off the deck!
 Phoebe (in NC) went out in it and looked at her mom as if to say, "WHAT?!"
 Barrack, my vet tech's dog (we love Bettina!) was ready for winter.
 His mom went to help at the clinic and built a snow jail haha.   "Let me out?" :-)
 I love our clinic (Acredale Animal Hospital)-- they were open 24/7 regardless of the weather.   See that chimney in the front-- I keep telling them to uncover it inside and get gas logs.  They could serve hot chocolate and coffee, too.  I think it's a great idea!
 Barrack rested up before heading out again.
 There he is in the snow jail.
 Benny got a new bed for Christmas and it's a great place to be when it's cold outside!
 He and his sister, Pixie, went out in it-- but didn't stay long.
I think sitting at the winter, looking OUT, with a cup of hot cocoa or a coffee drink, or hot tea, is the best way to spend a snow day.

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LadyJicky said...

Wow it looks super cold but you have some hot chocolate there Linda.

We are breaking out the Margarita's here .... its still 105f at 6.30 in the evening .... its like a hot oven outside here in Australia !