Friday, January 5, 2018


 The snow came.   We weren't sure it would.
 Sometimes, our city is on the edge and the weather will miss us.
 Not this time.  Even the porch screens were covered.
 Bushes were weighed down.
 The tree branches were bent over and some broke off.
 Our newest tree in the front yard was iced and snow covered.
 I knew I was going to have to rake/shovel a path for the Pekes.
 They were not even interested in going out there.
 But, the Bits were all over it!
 They didn't mind that the snow came over their boots.
 In fact, it came up to Sugar Bit's knees!
 Beach Bit went inside, but Sugar Bit wanted to stay outside.
 That meant I had to stay outside-- and my toes were getting cold.
 We went up and down the slopes in the yard.
 We looked at the creek-- all the small trees were bent over.
 Some of the mesh fence was bent over, too.
 You can see how much the snow covered the porch screens.  The Bits LOVE to play under the porch.  Toys, digging tools, wagons... it's another playroom, but not today!
 Beach Bit wanted to watch Poppy shaking the branches.
 It was great to watch the snow fall all over us as we shook the branches and it fell on us instead.
 Okay, Bits, it's time to come in.
 I'm cold.
And where were my dogs?   Outside as little as possible!  Floyd was comfortable in the warm bed.
Starlight was kind of on the bed. 
Max was curled up beside me.
And Kai Kai was on the other side.  On the couch, where it's warm.   Snow storms are not for most dogs!  Mine are no exception haha.  

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LadyJicky said...

OMG Linda ..... you sure got snow this time!

I have heard on tv that you are in for a very snowy and cold time in the US and boy, your photo's are fabulous and yet - cold !

Starlight sleeps like Coco - sort of half on and half off :)

Going to be 105f tomorrow and it will be .... its heating up today already !

Want to change weather ????LOL