Thursday, February 14, 2019


 So many happy dogs on Valentine's Day.  Bugsy is one.  He's still looking for a home-- he's an old boy, but doing great.
 My Max and Minnie are by the Peke heart blanket, and will make great Valentine Pekes today.
 So will my Kai Kai.
 Our Peke Valentines on our web site.  Love this!
 Abby and Tink are ready!
 Blossom has her Valentine shirt on.
 She is love in a little package.
 Dolly looks like she has her paw on a heart.  Yes, she'll be a Valentine.
 And Joey is a sweetheart-- you can tell by looking.
 Lucy Lu has all she needs for Valentine's Day!
 Marti's Peke is adorable.
 And Moe is ready to give love.
 Emily's Newman is snoozing the day away. 💙
 Puccini has his mom's heart for sure.
 Ralphie and Bud are their mom's Valentine boys.
 Rocco and Gracie have red on-- they are warm and ready for Valentine's Day.
And sweet Sophie has all decked out in pink and hearts.   HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!


LadyJicky said...

Happy Valentines Day to you all ..... you all deserve roses!

Doing my Valentines Adoption Dance for sweet Bugsy..... I would have him in a heartbeat but ... does he have a passport?????

Lost Earring said...

Dolly just stole a piece of my heart.