Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bedtime/Dad Singing

I found a great blog by a veterinarian. You might want to check it out: Click here: +++++++++++++++++
Pekingese are so cute when they're sleeping. These four are asking, "BEDTIME?? NOT YET!" (Ty, Max, Scooter, and Cranberry)
Pekingese can sleep anywhere. You've seen some of these pictures, but I thought I'd share some old and new ones. This is Starlight on the Pekingese Lounger-- she can sleep anywhere.
Ty and Caleb sometimes sleep together. They've been together forever. I'd love to keep them together, but it may not happen. They'll be fine though, as long as they are loved.
Sometimes they sleep under the big desk. This is Ty, he loves this spot.
Caleb will get into the striped bed and go to sleep.
Of course, they all love the pink beds, whether they're male or female. This is Lacy when we first got her. She's adopted now!
Anna is being checked out Cranberry-- or maybe Cranberry wanted the bed! Sometimes, they crawl into the big OPEN crate. I never crate the dogs here. I just don't agree with it for the most part. The dogs we get have often been crated so much that I just can't do it to them. Many have been puppy mill or shelter dogs, and crates are not their safe place. So, here they don't have to stay in them.
Max loves the crate. So does Ty. And the crate usually is full of toys-- lots of them.
Ty and Caleb are curled up on one mat. I don't think they're fitting. But, they don't care.
Here a pink flower bed-- Caleb, the macho boy that he is, loves this one, too.
They like the mat under the school desk. This is Lacy-- right before she was adopted. Isn't she beautiful!!
And sweet Anna again-- I just can't look at her enough.

As many beds as I have around here, and as many toys, I don't sing to the dogs. Well, maybe Starlight-- I sing "Starlight, Star Bright, First Star I see tonight...." But, I don't usually sing the dogs to sleep. Check out this video-- this person DOES sing his dogs to sleep!

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lady jicky said...

After looking at all those sleeping pekes - I want to go to bed!

Pink one :)