Sunday, May 9, 2010


Maggie came into rescue several years ago-- she was SO SWEET. She loved everyone!
She loves to cuddle!
She went to live with a woman in Maryland who has two precious granddaughters. Here they are when Maggie arrived last year.
Maggie fit in with these sisters right away and they visit her as often as they can.
Maggie is absolutely the princess at her new home and she is adored and treated that way.
These two sisters came to our Pekingese Picnic. The older one has been to THREE Peke Picnics so far. Her younger sister came this year for the first time. They came up to me to thank them for giving Maggie to their family. Their family is teaching them how important pets are and how to treat them. They will be a new generation of dog/Peke lovers.
Thank you girls for coming!! I was so glad to meet you! See you next year! :-)
+++++++++++Gracie sent me an email on Mother's Day-- I loved what she said. I'm going to include it here for all the foster moms out there.
"Hi Linda, I checked with all the Pekes listed on Success Stories and even though we know you are not our Mom, we do know you found all our Moms for us. Well we have already given slobbery kisses and good wishes to our Moms and now we want to name you Honorary Pekingese Mom of 2010.
I couldn't find a trophy or a crown to send you but please know that you are loved by lots and lots and lots of Pekes and their families. Thanks from all of us.
Love you much
Gracie Lu and all the other Pekes who have furever homes because of you!!!!"


Jeanne said...

I sat with these two little girls awhile. They are so sweet and loved being at the picnic with sooooo many pekes. I loved the fact that one of them had been coming for 3 years.....I'm sure they will own Pekes when they get older.


Maybe they can take our place in rescue.... :) We will need to retire one day...

lady jicky said...

How lovely to see three pretty girls at your Peke Party!

Its so important that children understand and respect animals for it teaches them how to deal with life when you think of it.

Three pretty little girls! Two with 2 feet and one with 4 feet! LOL

* Moi Moi now wants a tiara too!

Pekiegirl said...

Awwww! I love Maggie!

Karin said...

It's obvious that Maggie just adores being with those sweet sisters and that they take such good care of her. Love the picture with the Tiara!