Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pepper and Choices

I was asked to take Pepper by a local animal control. His owner turned him in because he wasn't good with the grandchildren. (I always wonder what the children were doing to him.)
I went to meet him and saw how beautiful he was!
Look at this face. He is all black except for white front feet and chest.
His tongue is often apparent.
There it is again.
There's the grin and tongue again!
He was neutered and there is nothing more pathetic than a little Peke with an e-collar on and a sad face with his tongue hanging out.
Do you feel sorry for him now? :-)
The e-collar came off after a few days because I noticed he was not trying to get at his stitches. He was so happy and got to get on the couch with my daughter (who is four months pregnant-- another grandbaby on the way!).
Do you want to adopt me? We have a few people interested and just want him in the best home for him. That's what we do for all-- try to find the best home we can find.
I had to put this at the end-- with eight Pekingese here right now, I clean the floor alot. They don't have shoes on, but they can sure bring in a lot. Especially Caleb who likes to bring in sticks. I wonder if I can train Pekes to clean the floor???


lady jicky said...

Hey Linda - when you have those pekes trained to clean the floor - pop them on a plane to Oz please!

Oh that Pepper is one hot boy!
Hope the best home gets that guy!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Poor Pepper -- glad he was not long in the Cone of Shame. I hope he finds his forever home soon, he's a cutie.

Karin said...

Love the sign:) Pepper and his tongue sure are cute! I'm glad you're picky about who gets him.
When my daughter's Corgi finally got to take the e-collar off after ten days she was so overjoyed to be able to see her short front legs again. She licked and nibbled on them for a good 30 minutes:)

RescuegirlinVA said...

Linda-I love Pepper. I mean I really love him...
I can help foster him for a short while if it helps you out.