Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jeanne's -- Always Changing

Ania has a new Peke girl on her blog: http://aniasartworkforsale.blogspot.com/2010/05/peke-girl-drawing.html 10% of all her Peke drawings goes to our rescue group.
Jeanne's home in Richmond is always changing--- dogs, garden...
Amy and Cindy are her foster dogs. They've been there awhile. Sometimes, it takes months to find that perfect home. Amy has a pending adoption for this week-end. She'll soon have her very own home and lots of attention.
Bernie is Jeanne's newest foster dog. He has a few issues she's working on. Here's a video of him: Click here: YouTube - bernie2.avi His owner died and he went to a shelter. He needs to learn some manners. When we get new dogs, a lot have "stuff" for us to deal with. Jeanne is one of our most experienced foster moms. She can deal with anything!
DiDi, Jeanne's PERFECT dog, is observing the newcomer, Bernie. Or maybe she's watching the garden as it bursts into bloom. Jeanne is a master gardener, as I have mentioned before, and her garden in on the tour in Richmond. I'm going there on Saturday.
Her fish pond is very active-- and has a screen over the top for Pekingese who try to walk across it. (One did while I was there-- Jeanne and I both flew into action! But, he walked across it and was fine, but a little wet!)
She has beautiful blooming plants-- like this one.
Sometimes, at the end of the day, Jeanne and I are tired. She has seven at her house and right now, I have 8. It's too many. We're started exchanging signs and flags-- like the one above. When we're tired, and it's been a long rescue day (often with vets and transport), we say, "Is it 5:00?" For most people, that's the end of their work day-- not for us. I gave her this flag. If I need to whine, Jeanne will listen to me. During her garden walk on Saturday, many people asked her where she got this flag. They wanted one! I told her to tell them I had it made especially for her. :-) She said you could see people smiling when the saw it. (I actually found it in a store near me.)
Sometimes, we just want to relax at the end of the day. It might be tea, or lemonade or wine. It just depends on the day!


lady jicky said...

I have two dogs as you know but ... if I had the numbers Jeanne and you have at your homes at the moment Linda ----

I would need drugs not wine!


Linda said...

You are so funny! I love your comment!

Karin said...

Haha! You're both funny!
I guess you're doing OK as long as wine is still enough to relax you:)