Friday, May 21, 2010

Pandy and Leo

I have to show you my grandson at his Baby Dedication last week. He is four months old and was in his Great-Grandfather's Christening dress. It was probably used by his Great-Great-Grandmother also, so the dress is about 125 years old. Grandchildren are the best!! My fourth is on the way! There is a new challenge, so be sure to vote for our club-- after you hit "the food connection," then you can put in for the shelter challenge at the top of the page. Just write in Potomac Valley Pekingese Club, location: VA, and you can vote for us. They are supposed to donate money to our club if we get a certain number of votes, I think, even if we don't win the challenge (the big shelters and clubs win it). THANKS! + ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ My daughter adopted a Peke mix from me six years ago. Pandy is a Mama's girl. She is also a bit cantankerous. She and her daddy play and play but she acts like she is going to attack him most of the time.
It's Leo who is really Daddy's boy. He LOVES his daddy! His daddy had to go on a trip-- so we thought Leo would mope around. We thought he would get Daddy's shirt and drag it around. Boy, were we wrong!
It was Pandy who missed him the most. She is Miss Mopey Pants. She is curled up with her Daddy's shirts that she moved from Leo's bed to her bed-- she is holding the shirts hostage from Leo. It seems she missed her Daddy the most. He's coming home soon. I think they'll both be VERY glad!


Tracey said...


I voted for the shelter. :-)

Your grandson is so beautiful!!!

lady jicky said...

Linda - your Grandson is beautiful!

My daughter is expecting again. Its early so we shall see as she has had a miscarriage before.
What ever happens - happens for a reason.

Now to Pandy and Leo - love them! :)