Monday, May 17, 2010

Polly Pockets/adopted

I crossposted Polly Pockets on some of the pet sites I use. She was rescued from a puppy mill by a Peke lover, Emily.
Polly is now in her new home. She is obviously adored.
Some Pekingese don't do well with children, but Polly loves them.
And they love her.
But, being an Peke-bunny is another story haha.


lady jicky said...

Miss Polly Pockets is in a good place now!
Lots of attention and dress-ups!

Jeanne said...

Polly Pockets is just too cute. Emily really does a great job in finding homes for her Pekingese fosters. Good Job Emily...!!!!

Unknown said...

OMG, that picture in the basket!!!!!!!!!!!! The cutest thing I've ever seen!!!!

Karin said...

What a loving family ~ and the picture in the Easter basket is too cute:)