Saturday, May 1, 2010


Playing in the yard is hard work. (Could this be counted as a Pekingese job?) The dogs can get quite an appetite out there.
They look like a herd-- all checking out Janey. She's being fostered in a home near me, but she was here a few days. They all run together outside, check out the fence, patrol the creek, watch the court in front of the house. Hard work means big appetites!
I just have six right now-- but a lot of different foods and needs. I have a desk in the laundry room which is really large. So, it's now the "dog desk." I line the bowls up...
There are two food containers under the desk.
Two on top of the desk...
Treat containers are on the washing machine. Different treats depending on the dog's diet. Special diet equals special cookie.
I always keep canned chicken on hand-- when I get a new dog or one doesn't feel well, this can encourage them to eat. If they're stressed coming into rescue, I can usually get them to eat this. It smells so good, I WANT TO EAT IT!
Of course, they all have their own eating spot-- Caleb eats by the door that goes outside. He eats small breed Blue Buffalo food. Jeanne told me what a great food this is, and Caleb does like it.
Scooter, Cranberry and Max eat together-- they're good about it. That's Caleb in front! Scooter and Cranberry have bladder issues, so they're on Royal Canin S.O. food. Max is on Blue Buffalo Light for lower fat content. He's not fat-- but he had a fat lipid in his eye, and the change of diet made it go away-- amazing!!!
Ty, aka Ty-Ty, is a slow eater, so sometimes I put him in the playpen so no one will bother him. He just likes to take his time. He's on the I.D. formula since he has a more sensitive stomach. Once they all have their food, I can get their pills ready-- thyroid pills, seizure pills, antibiotic pills, glucosamine pills...... We have a lot of pills!
And when we're all done, we can put the dishes in the sink, and relax. Caleb and Ty-Ty curl up together. They're always been together, but they probably won't be adopted together. It's just hard to keep pairs together. But, they usually do just fine after they adjust to new homes.
And after we go outside, they all come back in for cuddle time-- on the couch, on the floor, wherever they want to be. Life is good. :-)


lady jicky said...

Linda - you are so good for that really is alot of work but I know you just love it.

Well, Kenzo eats on one side of the courtyard and Moi on the other Before they get their bowls they must "sit" and then I put the bowl down. I give them Omega oils especially for dogs. I have just started this and I do hope it helps with Moi's dry skin. She can get itchy and takes a very low dose cortizone every 4 days when she starts to itch again. I do not know what she is allergic to - I may never know. The Vet tells me its so low and not to worry.
At first I used to put Moi in the garage as she was so slow and timid - not anymore!
Then Moi checks out Kenzo's bowl and he hers! They can go back and forwards for hours. LOL
Bet yours do this too!!! LOL

Karin said...

Oh my goodness ~ how do you keep it all straight, Linda!? You do this twice a day, right? You must be exceptionally organized! And we already know you are immensely dedicated:) I have a tough time remembering to give Mocha his 3 heart pills twice a day. I agree, quality of diet makes a HUGE difference in our pets' health. So many people are under the impression that dogfood is dogfood and it's OK to buy the cheapest brand, and that all petfood manufacturing companies are trustworthy just because they make a great commercial with a cute dog or cat. We have seen remarkable improvements in our dogs in a very short time since we switched to a holistic brand that is guaranteed to reach your home within six weeks of having been made with all human quality ingredients. Did you know that store bought brands can sit in a semi truck and/or warehouse for up to a year before they ever reach the store shelf? How nutritious is that? Thank-you for getting and keeping all those precious pekes in optimal health!

Mp said...

oh! they must be a bundle of joy!i came across your blog while randomly goggling for pekingese must be a full time job babysitting those cuties.but i swear i would give all i have to be where you are right now.what a joy it must be to be able to do what you love and care for.i have a one year old peke and i know how lovely and passionate they are.but sadly i am only able to keep two dogs with me right now and i had a budget well plan out for them but as a student its hard to keep up. i always pray that when i start earning, i would open up a shelter just like prayers are with you linda and paw hugs to all the pekes...God bless