Friday, May 28, 2010


Remember last fall when we took in a lot of rescued Pekes? Ten I think! A lot!

Lilly Faith was one of those Pekes-- she didn't look like this then!
Chance and Noble were two of them-- they look like twins! Look at Noble's sweet, tiny face. He needed help-- he needed love and good food. He needed medical attention.
It was rough looking at all the dogs who came from the raid-- you want to help them all. You want to take them all home and love them. You want to get them all healthy.
We could only help the Pekingese, and not all of them. I use a saying on my emails-- it says, "SAVING ONE PET DOES NOT CHANGE THE WORLD, BUT IT CHANGES THE WORLD FOR THAT ONE PET." I had to focus on that-- saving one pet/Peke at a time. We can make a difference, one pet at a time. And for them, it does mean a chance.
Noble had a chance to be a dog, sleep in a warm bed, with a full tummy, and toys to play with-- and lots of love.
He and Lilly Faith went on a home visit. Lilly Faith was also one of the rescued Pekes from that raid. The person they visited said they were "couch potatoes." Not Gloria! She's too busy to be a couch potato.
But, Lilly Faith and Noble can be couch potatoes-- they deserve it. They are the most beautiful couch potatoes I've seen!


lady jicky said...

Lilly Faith and Moi Moi could be sisters!

Karin said...

They are beautiful! Are they still tiny or were they puppies when they were rescued?

Unknown said...

I miss my Lilly Faith so much.

Linda said...

They were full grown-- but not uncared for in every way that they are small. They have come a long way.