Friday, May 7, 2010

Pekingese Picnic-- MORE!

I have more pictures of our picnic!
This is Jeanne, who was voted as our MVPP-- Most Valuable Peke Person this year! She has gone over and beyond what most do-- from fostering to transport to vetting-- and on top of that, she does our web site! Carey is with her. Carey loves Pekes and is holding Caleb. Thank you Carey for staying to help break everything down after the picnic was over. You were great!
I think this is Caleb being held-- but there were so many that looked similar-- He's my foster dog, but at this angle, I can't tell if it's him. BAD FOSTER MOM!
That's me-- wearing an apron to try to keep some of the Peke hair off me-- didn't work haha. We brought a fan and a big umbrella to keep our dogs cool.
I'm giving water to Anna and Caleb. We had to keep these dogs cool and watered. It was in the 80s that day.
And who is that? Yep, that's Caleb again. And Ty-- beautiful little Ty. He's so shy, but he did really well with all the people.
This is a potential adopter snuggling with Caleb. He had so many people that just thought he was adorable. And he is! This person is interested in another one of our fosters, but is on a trip. She'll be in touch when she gets back. We have plenty of wonderful Pekes to adopt.
Stay tuned for more picnic pictures tomorrow! Caleb wasn't the only cutie there. :-)


lady jicky said...

Its lovely to see you all!!

Oh yes, lots to adopt and just how does one pick! :)

Mary Elizabeth said...

Great, great pix!! Congrats to Jeanne for being the MVPP... it's an honor she richly deserves.

Jeanne said...

Thank you Elizabeth !!!!! You are the best Peke parent in the world !!!