Sunday, May 2, 2010


We were contacted by a Maryland shelter and asked if we could help this little 8.5 pound female. She had a skin condition that my vet said was mange. I said I would NOT take in a dog with mange-- well, every time I say I won't do something, I get to do it. And I don't regret it a bit.
We transported her to Virginia Beach where we had an open foster home. Once I realized how sick she was, I said I would foster her, but her foster mom came over, and said, "Can I take her home?" It's hard not to fall in love with this sweet Peke.
We immediately gave her a pink bed, a pink collar and name tag and a pink sweater to cover all those areas of her skin that were infected and raw. We could help this little girl.
Lacy blossomed under Kim's care. She had medicine and good food and lots of love. She learned to walk on a harness/leash and loved it. She learned to play with her foster brother, Clarence.
She was able to go to the office with her foster mom every day. She and Clarence spent the morning being the office dogs. I told her prospective mom that she needs to say that Lacy is a service dog and take her to work! She is a service dog-- she makes people smile. :-)

Click here: YouTube - Lacy - treat.mpg Here's Lacy begging for her morning treat at the office. ;-)
It's hard to let them go when they are healthy and ready for a new home. We love our foster dogs and part of our heart leaves with them. And they remain part of our hearts forever. Thanks, Kim, for all you did for Lacy.


lady jicky said...

Kim did a Wonderful Job!!!
Ms Lacy is so healthy and beautiful and I do hope she is in a lovely home now.
Must be so HARD to part with her Kim!

Karin said...

Foster moms like Linda and Kim are so awesome not to let a condition like mange deter them from taking in a dog in need of help. I have never seen a dog with mange and can only imagine how awful it is.

lady jicky said...

How do you stop your other dogs from getting mange too Linda?

Do you have to put them apart for a number of days ???

This would be really hard too!

Linda said...

We had to put all the dogs in the house on Revolution. Lacy had it every two weeks for two months. It was amazing to see her skin clear up. She had the contagious kind, which is much easier to treat. She is such a sweetheart and now is in a wonderful new home.