Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Do you have nicknames for your dogs? I do-- lots of them. My house/pet sitter, Hope, is GREAT. And she came up with nicknames for my dogs. I sent her pictures of the two new ones to see what she came up with for them-- even though she hasn't met them.
This is my newest (soon going to Richmond to Jeanne). His name is Pepper and he is 2 years old. He's not big, about 10-12 pounds. Hope said he looks like Arnold Schwarzranegger so his could be the Pekeanator or the Peppanator. Cute! We'll see what his personality is. He was neutered yesterday, so he just wants to hide out with his e-collar on.
This is Tappy. She is older and had to be totally shaved down due to severe matting. She's a sweet girl and loves the pink bed-- of course she does! If you're here, you use the pink bed, whether you're a girl or a boy. It's just required! Hope said she reminded her of a cinnamon bun or an ice cream cone. Strawberry I think!
Now, everyone knows Starlight. Everyone wishes they could TOUCH Starlight-- especially Shanyn, one of my friends and foster moms. But, Starlight won't have any of it. No one touches her but us or people she really trusts. That's why she was never adopted-- she wouldn't let anyone near her. But, Starlight likes Hope! And Hope's nickname for her in Tinkerbell. :-)
This is Ty. He is VERY laidback. He's not a really energetic dog unless he feels like playing. He likes to know where you are and be near you, and sometimes he wants on the couch with me. Hope's nickname for Ty is Eeyore. You know what? It fits!
And here's the Queen-- Cranberry. She was too busy to have her picture taken. "I'm not going to look at you. I'm going to just lay here and be royal." Yep, that's what you are. Hope's nickname for Cranberry? Raggedy Ann. Hope said it was because because Raggedy Ann is a lovable doll always with a smile and a sparkle in her eye and everyone always wanted one. (I love her explanation here, Cranberry will be pleased.)
And here's Caleb. "Puppy Caleb." He's young, probably between one and two. He came in with "the four" I got out of the shelter at the same time. The owner was going to be taken to court if he didn't turn them over. Caleb is a big goof-ball, always playing, always wanting attention. He loves toys and is just so puppy-like that he is just fun to watch. I sometimes call him "Ca-Ca." Hope's nicknames for him (he has two!) are Gizmo (when he's' sweet and cuddly) or Stripe (when he's mischievous) {from the movie Gremlins}.
Here's my Scooterbug. He's my big boy, my therapy dog for the new fosters who come in, my sweetie. He's not the brightest dog in the house, but he sure is sweet :-) Hope says he's like Barry Gibb (from the Bee Gee's) because Scooter loves to SING. When the garage door opens and I pull in the van, I can hear him singing. The neighbors can probably hear him singing!
Here's my Max-- I call him Maxi-Poo. He's so sweet. He was a foster who wasn't adopted-- sometimes that happens. We don't know why certain dogs aren't adopted. They are so sweet and if people could just have time with them, they would see that. Max loves to be on the deck, guarding the yard from squirrels. He likes to be behind the bushes to see if my sister's dog is out (my sister lives next door to me). Hope's nickname for Max is Pirate Max or Max Factor (he likes to really scout around and keep watch).

Do you have nicknames for your dogs? Share them with us!


Pekiegirl said...

My Shamisen loves to play ball and retrieve, so we call him a pekador or a labernese! Yoshi Bear can be a little crabby sometimes, so we call him bipolar!

Kristen said...

We have bunnies so Oscar naturally became "Oscarbuns" when he joined our family. We also call him "fancy pants" when he's prancing around on our walks, "handsome" when he's being cute, "tuckers" when he's tired and "psycho dog" (lovingly, of course) when he's running his heart out in the yard. All our boys have always had several nicknames. Oddly, we've only had male pets...

lady jicky said...

Linda, I would call your Starlight - Stinkerbell if she "went me" while trying to touch her! LOL
Oh but that Starlight is a pretty girl!

Well Moi Moi is called MissyMoi ALOT and Kenzo - gets "The Zo" or ZoZo . When he is finished being brushed he gets "pretty boy, pretty boy" for he is a PEST but a Pretty Pest! LOL
Madame Moi or MissyMoi is a good girl. :)

Jeanne said...


Oscar has another nickname too......Oscar Myer....could not resist :)

Ania M. Milo said...

They are too cute!!!! I love their nick names!

I call my dogs all sorts of things..... (not all of them sweet...)

Gretchen is Gretchy, Babygirrl, Grtchy-Poo

Rorie is Pumpkin-Butt, Stinky-Butt, Mamma's Boy

Those are just some of the nicer ones.... ;-)

Mary Elizabeth said...

Camden sometimes just screams when he wants to go out in the morning, when we leave, or if I go upstairs without him seeing me go. We started asking each other "did he baroo" so... he's Baroo.

(Jeanne... you remember that sound, right?)

cby said...

All of these comments illustrate how much these little ladies and gentlemen are loved! Let's face it, we have more nicknames for our Pekes than we do our spouses/partners! :)

Karin said...

Hope sure has a knack for picking just the right nicknames.
I agree with cby's comment.
Ozzie is Ozzie-bear, Oswald, OzBoz, and Baby-gorilla-face.
Sisqo is Twinkle-toes when he walks on me in bed with his skinny legs, or Wiley when he has his summer haircut.
Mocha is Mocha-Choca, or Mocha-polka.
We call them all Poopy-face...

P.S. I just love Starlight and Scooterbug!! They're all so cute!

Kristen said...

Jeanne- Oscar Myer indeed. It might just be his favorite. :-)

Jeanne said...


The first time Camden did his "baroo" scared me to death....I thought he had caught his head in something. I still shake my head every time I thing about it and laugh...way too funny..........It's definitely his trade mark :)