Thursday, May 27, 2010

PADDINGTON BEAR/ Rescue yard sale

RESCUE YARD SALE: The yard sale to raise funds for our rescue dogs is scheduled for June 12th in Richmond. We will not start until 9am to give those who are driving from out of town time to get here with their stuff. If you have anything you want to drop off at Jeanne's before then please feel free.
We really need "Stuff" to sale........please check your attic's, basements, garage.......anywhere :). Thanks in advance.......for any help. You can email Jeanne at

Four years ago, I went to a shelter near me to look at a Peke. This is what I saw-- shelters are hard to visit. I just want to take them all. I named this little boy Paddington.

I took him to the vet to get cleaned up and vetted-- and he had a nice banada to wear-- but he still looked so sad. Some can just have that sad look-- but he was pretty dejected there.

He was adopted and now lives in Richmond. His favorite toy is a rock! His mom puts it in a sock to keep him from swallowing it. You never know what a Peke might try to eat!

Paddington Bear-- he looked like a happy bear to me-- loves his new home.

His parents went to London and there is a Paddington Bear statue. They made a special trip to see their little Peke's namesake. And here it it above!!

This relaxed and loved Paddington Bear doesn't resemble the Peke I rescued-- Isn't it wonderful!


lady jicky said...

Oh Linda - thank God you went to that shelter ( you are one tough lady - they are shocking) and look at Mr P Bear now!!!!

Rock on Paddington Bear!!!! :)

Jeanne said...

What a beautiful pekingese....Look at his eyes.....he made me smile.

Ania M. Milo said...

These rescue stories and the transformation these dogs go through are just amazing!!!!

Every time I read these I just want to - 1) get my hands no the person who did that to the poor dog...., 2) take them all home with me, & 3) love them forever.............

Linda said...

You're feeling just what we feel!! Except we DO bring them home for awhile haha.