Monday, May 24, 2010


Snuggie came into foster care in January. He is the sweetest boy and a total lovebug.
I don't know why some fosters are adopted quickly and some of the sweetest ones stay with us for awhile. Maybe it's so we can enjoy them more.
"What do you think of my profile here? Aren't I handsome!?" Yes you are!
"Here's a front-face shot. I am beautiful from every side."
Snuggie loves to ride in the car, and will watch out the window the whole time. He LOVES walks, rubber squeaky balls, and he is the watchful guardian of the home. He HAS to have a window that he can look out of everyday because he loves to look outdoors and keep watch over the property and the family. :-)
He is so affectionate-just look at him smile. And there's plenty to love-- Snuggie is about 21 pounds. He gets along with the other dogs and loves to play with them, as well as his foster mom.
Snuggie is about 2 years old. He's waiting for his forever home. If you'd like to meet him, just email and we'll give you more information on him.


lady jicky said...

He is Snuggie!
Pop him in a box and put him on a plane Linda!

Sending Adoption Vibes to Snuggie - he would make just the best friend.

Karin said...

Only two years old? I'm surprised too that he hasn't been adopted yet. The perfect family is out there and they just don't know they are the perfect fit for Snuggie yet.
Whew! 92 degrees in northern Michigan today.