Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Teddy and Cosme came into rescue together.

Both were turned in because their owners were moving-- they were owned by a sister and brother and didn't live together. But we found they were very attached to each other.

Cosme needed eye fold surgery, so common with the Pekes we get. Cosme is even tempered and loves to snuggle, but he isn't crazy about car rides or being outside. He loves soft cushions. He is the bigger of the two, and weighs about 16 pounds.

We wanted him to have good eyesight his whole life-- big folds are part of being a Peke, but sometimes, they just get in the way.

Their foster mom and dad, Beth and David realized that they loved each other and love to play together. They are playing so hard and just having a blast.

Teddy is the smaller one of the two. He loves car rides, toys and golf balls.

Teddy loves looking out the window and being outside. He needs a little time to trust, but once he knows you, he's fine.

He wants you to see a side view of him to show you how beautiful he is. And a front shot to show his adorable face.....

Can you see Cosme sneaking into the picture? I think he's ready to play again!

Teddy is a cheerful little boy who loves to sit in your lap. He is friendly with the neighbors and loves to give kisses. Teddy weighs about 10-11 pounds. If you are interested in this sweet pair, they would be best in a home where they can have lots of attention, a quiet place to rest and play. Just email us at potomacpekes@gmail.com (video below)

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lady jicky said...

I do hope the two can be adopted out together for they are "soul mates" :)

I would love to have them Linda but....