Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Carter, Brandy's baby (from the Bristol 18) and DiDi, welcomed me to Jeanne's garden on Sunday. We were on our way home from taking care of the 3 Bits and stopped in.

Toby was there to greet me, too. He is Jeanne's foster dog and SO sweet.

He just calmly watched the people who came to tour the garden that afternoon. Jeanne's garden is on the Ginter Park Garden Tour and people come from all around to see her garden. Now, YOU get to see it via the blog.

DiDi wanted to help guide tours, but Jeanne decided DiDi was better off inside. I thought DiDi would have made a wonderful guide. She thought so, too.

She was able to make her appearance after everyone left though. That made her very happy.

Jeanne's garden has lots of dogs-- real and not so real.

I tried to get a picture of each one of them. Which one is your favorite?

This is a memorial to Bridgett, Jeanne's special girl.

There is a metal dog in one part of the garden. I didn't notice it at first, but Jeanne showed it to me. I was looking at ground level, and this one was elevated.

This sweet one (not real, but it looks real!) welcomed us.

This sweet angel is in memory of Jeanne's mom. I love it--

This sweet one is raising his paws in welcome. He's not real either.

This little one is old looking and it just drew me to it. It's very small.

This little Scottie stood sentry in his part of the yard.

Here's the Peke's cousin, the Pug. He is perfectly at home in Jeanne's garden-- all the animals are.

Jeanne was sharing her incredible knowledge with a visitor-- she is a Master Gardener and knows plants so well. There are big mirrors on the fence behind her-- it looks like you can go into another garden beyond.

The swing is a wonderful place to sit and take a break. And in front of it is a screened vegetable area-- no dogs or squirrels allowed.

Here's another part of her garden-- a little whimsical area. My grandchildren loved walking around the garden when we were there one time.

There are several water features-- I love the sound of moving water. It's incredibly relaxing.

There's a little work area with its own pathway, decorated by metal flowers. Each area has something to intrigue and draw you in. It's a little wonderland.

There are fish (there's a net over it so the dogs don't try to have a fish dinner) in this pond. Some of the visitors were able to feed the fish there.

It appears to be heart-shaped. I've never noticed that before-- is it just the picture?

There are beautiful plants and paths that wind throughout the garden. The dogs there use all of them-- they love to run through the garden.

Carter, DiDi and George waited to be let out after the visitors left.

And Carter hoped everyone had a great time-- we did, Carter!! Thank you for letting us come.

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Tracey said...

I love Jeanne's garden! So much work ..but so beautiful! I love her furries too! And, Carter, well he is just as mischevious as Colby, but so much fun!