Sunday, May 22, 2011


I've had a few people ask how Starlight is doing after her back injury. It's one of those injuries that you go over and over in your mind to figure out what she did. We don't know-- but I'm guessing over time, going up and down stairs, she just put her back through too much. She spent about 5 weeks in a playpen, being carried in and out for short outdoor times. There were times after she got out of the playpen that she would go up to it, and "ask" to go in for some quiet time.

She still likes to sleep in it at night. :-) She just likes to be in things-- or under things.

She likes to get in the under part of the stroller. I think she's waiting for a ride.

She likes to get on the shelf of the coffee table.

She likes to climb on to the empty shelf behind my desk.

The coffee table is her favorite spot though. We had to move some of the things so she could get in there. It's not that wide, and it takes some effort to climb in, but she does it. Her favorite place is on her Daddy's lap in the evening. But, during the day, she'll just find a little cubby to get into. ;-)


lady jicky said...

Kisses to Starlight for she is such a pretty girl and I do hope that back will never give her anymore trouble!

Nicky said...

Thanks for the update on little Starlight!!! She is so precious. I get such a kick out of Pekes in (or on) a stroller! I like her little hang out spots. :)

Karin said...

She's such a beautiful girl full of personality ~ I just love her! So happy she's doing better!

emilyp said...

So glad that she is doing better. Those back injuries are just so difficult to deal with.

Doris Sturm said...

She's simply adorable...she looks like the size of my boy, only with slightly different markings.

Gizzy used to tweak his back once a year when I first got him, but over time, I trained him to not jump on or off anything and to wait to be lifted up or down...I am very strict with him and he's not had an incident for the last 8 years...

Your Starlight sure is a Star!!!