Friday, May 6, 2011

PICNIC!! Kai and Liam

Kai (Kyden) went to the picnic. I left the rest at home, because they wouldn't have done well on that long of a trip (four hours each way). But, Kai Kai came. He was relaxed in the car-- just like yesterday's picture showed.

Kai is a very red Pekingese. Sallie told me it was called Chun Red, a very rare color. In fact, he about the same color at Liam, Dian's Setter. I decided that they needed their pictures taken together.

Liam was not very impressed with his tiny "cousin."

"Hey, little buddy." Kai wasn't bothered at all by Liam's size and they are both great dogs. Liam is only 9 months old, but so well behaved.

Kai, I think we need to teach you a few things, but for now, I'm glad we were able to get you two together. You are both beautiful!


Doris Sturm said...

What nice photos - they are both the same color. My Gizzy (pekingese) does not like big dogs, heck, he barely likes little ones ;-)

lady jicky said...

They are both the same colour!

emilyp said...

gorgeous colors!