Friday, May 13, 2011


Sorry, the blog is late today-- the blog site was "down" for repairs.
Katie and Louie came into rescue the same day! Both came from Maryland shelters, and Paige picked them both up with help from Ann. THANK YOU, Ann!

Katie is a very sweet dog, good with people and other dogs. She is playful and eats well. She needs a little work on housetraining, but most of them do when they come into rescue. So many have bladder infections-- Pekes are prone to those.

She is very affectionate and would love nothing more than to curl up on your pillow at night to snuggle with you. She is only about ten pounds, so she won't take up much space.

Louie is young, and loves to play. In fact, he must have a doggie playmate. He would not do well as an only dog.

He does fine in the car and loves his Peke friends. In fact, if Katie is still in the yard, he won't come in until she comes in also. He is living with Cubbie Woo right now, and he and Cubbie have so much fun together.

After playing a long time, Louie will totally relax and go to sleep-- yes, I think he can get relaxed! If you are interested in either Katie or Louie, please email us at


emilyp said...

they are both so cute! I love Louie's appears to fit him perfectly:)

Karin said...

Louie looks like a character and Katie looks mellow and relaxed.
Both adorable!

lady jicky said...

Missed you Linda!

they are both cute :)