Friday, May 27, 2011


This is Wanda. She looks pretty rough now, but just wait until she gets better! She was in a shelter in the western part of Virginia and had been severely neglected. One eye will need to be removed, the other had dry eye and because of lack of treatment, she has lost some vision. She gets around fine, though. She also had a large bladder stone and severe infection. Those are all being cared for and she had surgery Thursday for the bladder stone. I'm sure she'll feel 100% better now that that is gone. She'll have a second surgery to remove her eye. It is non-functional and giving her trouble.

Look at her coloring. I've never seen this pattern on a Peke, but she is adorable! Her foster mom, a vet who adopted from us (and who I am SO thankful to for helping us) is taking great care of her. Just wait for the new pictures of her as she heals. She is only five or six years old.

And here's Elvis! He is doing so well and has come so far. You all remember that he had a giant (over one pound) hair/junk ball in his stomach-- he had eaten anything to fill his empty stomach. He was going to be put down by the shelter, but one of the workers fought for his life so that he could come to us. We're so glad she did!

He is not as fast as the other dogs in the house, but he sure makes an effort to keep up with them.

He's now looking for his forever home. If I had room, I'd take him! (I'm a little full right now haha.)

But, I kinow that perfect home is out there. Just like Wanda, he is a wonderful little dog. Can you see the similarities between them? They look like they came out of an oreo cookie package.

I think he's looking for his new mom/dad.

In the meantime, he's being loved and well cared for. If you are interested in either one of our dogs (or maybe even two!), just email us at


lady jicky said...

Oh they would make a wonderful black and white pair!

I hope they find wonderful homes for they both deserve this in their hard lives.

Tracey said...

Elvis looks so great! He has come a long way. What beautiful Peke's!

emilyp said...

They have got to be the most distinctive Pekes I have ever seen!! They are so cute. Elvis looks like a new Peke and Wanda will soon!!

Karin said...

Such cutie-pies!