Monday, May 23, 2011


Penlope, "Lope" and her brother Symba used to be foster siblings with our group. They haven't been able to help lately, but their mom sure has a heart for Pekes!

Symba has a lot of adventures, which you can follow on his on blog: Click here: Chuck Norris is afraid of Symba His dad has a great sense of humor.

Lope and Symba's parents were on a trip to NY and Shanyn saw a sign at a rundown home that said "Pekingese Puppies." Shanyn's Peke heart took over and she went to the trailer. She had to rescue this little girl from the situation she was in. Now, Sadie Nicole is part of the family.

Sadie Nicole was really sick at first with Giardia, fleas/ticks, worms, an ear infection and malnourished. These "back yard breeders" are just in it for money, with no care about the condition of the dogs in their care. Penelope and Symba aren't too sure about Sadie Nicole. But, they'll come around. I can't wait to see more pictures of her as she grows up. There's nothing as cute as a Peke puppy!


lady jicky said...

I am waiting for more photos too Linda!

The three of them are all CUTE!!!

emilyp said...

Cute cute cute!! Lope and Symba look like they are tolerating their new sister:)

Karin said...

So glad Shanyn's peke ♥ took over! And just in time because I doubt little Sadie Nicole would have survived all those ailments!
How cute they are!