Sunday, May 15, 2011


Buddy Bear came to us through a shelter near my home. He was turned in by the owner who could no longer care for him. Buddy was older, but still full of life and joy.

He came to my house last month and I was able to get some wonderful pictures that show his sweet personality.

He loved to wander in the yard, and explore. When Buddy Bear came into rescue, we found out he had lymphoma and made the committment to do all we could to keep him comfortable and happy.

His diagnosis was not good-- he had a very limited time to live. He was given about a month to live-- but he lived seven months with Toni. She gave him seven months of love. And Buddy Bear enjoyed his life-- here he decided to explore the border grass.
Max decided to follow Buddy Bear in search of treasures.

Then, Scooter (middle) joined them. There must be something very interesting in that bed.

Toni has such a heart for Pekingese and especially the seniors. I knew she was the best place for Buddy Bear and she was.

We had to let Buddy Bear go on Saturday-- his breathing suddenly took a turn for the worse, as the lymph glands suddenly stopped responding to treatment. He was struggling and we will not let a dog suffer like that when we can no longer help him. He was held and petted and kisses as Toni and I let him go. Thank you to Dr. Alex at Acredale Animal Hospital in Va. Beach for the extraordinary care she gave him. Rest in peace, sweet boy.


lady jicky said...

I was very sad to read about this dear boy.
Love to his family at this difficult time.

emilyp said...

I am so very sorry for the loss of Buddy Bear:(

Tracey said...

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Buddy Bear. What a blessing you and Toni were to him. It is so nice to hear that he had a happy and love filled life for 7 months. I know that had to be so hard this weekend. Sending hugs to you.

Karin said...

So sorry to read this about Buddy Bear. That's amazing he was able to live 7 more happy months.