Saturday, May 28, 2011


Thomas came into rescue in 2007. He was from a shelter and not doing well there. He was blind in one eye and needed drops in the other. He was at least 6 years old then. He had a long history of infections from the appearance of his ears-- this was a little Peke who has never been cared for. He also had a lot of allergies that had been left untreated. His mom put him on Hill's Ultra Z/D, an allergy food. When she opened his special food, she wrote me that "Thomas went NUTS. You'd have thought I'd dumped a butcher shop in front of him. While I was pouring it from the bag into a plastic storage container, he went into full celebration mode - jumped and danced and woofed, and tried to leap into the container. He clearly love this stuff." I call all the Pekes "little" but Thomas was over 18 pounds. He fell in love with his foster family. He liked going for walks, car rides and the cat in his home became his very best friend.

Here he is with his friend, Mick. After Thomas had been in his foster family for awhile, his foster mom wrote me and said they took a vote and that Thomas was staying. I was so glad because he obviously adored them. This week, Thomas, who was at least 11, probably older, got pnemonia. With great sadness that he could not overcome it, his foster mom let him go. This is never an easy decision, but one we sometimes have to make. We are so sorry for his family and know they will miss him. Rest in peace, sweet Thomas.


Nicky said...

So sorry to hear about little Thomas. Very grateful he had a loving home once he was rescued from the shelter environment. Seems we have been saying farewell to so many of our beloved Peke friends lately. It is painful. Knowing they had the best lives possible with us provides some measure of comfort but it sure is never easy. They are large parts of our live and we are better for having known them.

emilyp said...

I am so sorry for the loss of Thomas. It sounds like he had a wonderful life with his foster family:) he will surely be missed.

lady jicky said...

I am so sorry , what a lovely peke he was.