Saturday, May 21, 2011


We received a request to help a puppy whose owner could not keep him.

We rarely get puppies into rescue, and this one is super cute!

He is very playful, full of joy and tail wags.

Puppy breath and puppy smells.......irresistable!

He is getting a lot of attention from his foster family. We're not accepting applications for him because he needs vetting and of course, his foster family will have first dibs on adopting him. (Doesn't that make you want to foster for us? :-) )

There is a little hill in the backyard and he likes to sit backwards...then he decides to roll down. They have been calling him flash because he runs like the wind. Right now he's being called Jumping Jack flash-he likes to jump at leaves and grass. He'll be called JJ for short-- or maybe Mr. Winkles, another choice. Either way, he's super cute!! Thanks Chris and Steve for fostering him for us!


lady jicky said...

There is nothing more cute than a peke pup!

Pekiegirl said...

He's adorable! Sad the previous owners had to give him up, but glad the PVPC has him now!

Doris Sturm said...

I want him!!!!

Is his face shaved? Will it grow back to normal? Where is he now? I'm thinking companionship for my old peke, Gizzy, who is 13 1/2...and does not share well, but he likes smaller dogs, especially light colored ones (I know that seems strange, but he often barks at black dogs) I have no idea why!

emilyp said...

He is so cute, especially the 'hairdo!'

Nicky said...

he is super adorable! hi little jack!!

Karin said...

Yes, getting first dibs DOES make me want to foster for you ! :)
I have a feeling his foster parents will want to keep him ~ he is super cute! What a face!