Friday, May 13, 2011


Precious was one of our foster dogs that was adopted by Sonia and Joe in Richmond. For being so little, she was sure a bossy thing. :-) I call that little dog syndrome-- they're small so they have to be tough! She was the boss of the dogs there.

She was a snuggler. When Gloria and I were at Sonia's one day, Precious was right there, curled up for attention.

Precious was a devoted little girl and she loved her parents a lot.

Precious passed away on Friday morning. She will be so missed by her Peke brother, Chance, and her parents. Rest in peace, sweet Precious.


Karin said...

Precious sure was a pretty little peke. My sympathy to her loving family.
One of my poms is bossy too and doesn't hesitate to go after my daughter's corgi. He once lost a few wobbly front teeth while nipping her.

Paladin2010 said...

Kathy and I share in the pain of the loss of your "precious" peke. You can tell they were loved and that they loved you, what more can one want out of life.

With deepest sympathies.

lady jicky said...

I am so sad for her family.

Nicky said...

Precious is an adorable little girl. I am sure she was extremely precious to her family, as our Peke kids are to all of us. We share your pain. There is nothing like Peke love! Deepest sympathies to you. Kim, Nicky and GeeGee