Thursday, May 5, 2011


Kai-Kai went to the picnic-- he can get really relax in the car!

Carter came, too. I couldn't get him to pose for me, but he was very sweet and wanted to talk to everyone.

RB/Arby was there-- she was one of the Bristol 18 dogs. She looked wonderful!

Lacy and her mom were there. She and Lafite, her brother, had a great time at the picnic.

Danny (who wouldn't look at the camera) was adopted by a foster family at the picnic (don't worry, we had already approved them). We were so happy for Danny to have his own new family.

Katrina, now Penny, (another one of the Bristol 18) was there and looking great. I didn't get a picture of her sister. I wish I had!

Little Cocoa was there, too. Look at her beautiful face. I hope she gets a Peke brother or sister soon. :-) (I love for our great adopters to adopt more.)

Beth, one of our foster moms, was there with Cosme and Teddy. I'm so glad they foster with us-- they're a great part of our Hampton Roads team.

Binky was adopted last month and he was there, too. It's such a joy for us to see our foster dogs doing so well and being loved so much.

There were Pekingese all over-- so many! It was so much fun. More on the picnic tomorrow! To see Jon's pictures, go to:


lady jicky said...

What a fun pack of Pekes at the Picnic and I did like Jon's photos too!

emilyp said...

I adore all these pictures:) Kai Kai is such a gorgeous Peke, but I can't understand how that is a comfy way to sleep!

Nicky said...

I have a confession...I am a pekoholic!!!I can never get enough pekes!!! Nothing makes me happier than seeing Pekes in loving homes - especially ones that have come from difficult situations. I love all the pictures too but Kai Kai in the car is just so sweet!!! And the picture of the large group of pekes, is just wonderful! Pekes are just the best little creatures!!