Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I want to give you a dog food warning first. Kai Kai, my foster dog (above) needed to try a sensitive stomach food. So, I bought what I thought was a good one-- well, it's on this list and so I'll be switching. Check out this article and list to see if your dog's food is on it. (Some cat foods are also listed.) http://www.truthaboutpetfood.com/articles/the-fda-four.html +++++++++++ And now on to the blog for today:

Here are all of Tina's dogs-- I love this picture of them by the water!

Teddy wants you to know he also has a Papillion sister named Olive. She was in the blog the other day. She was also a puppy mill survivor.

Look at them all-- aren't they cute! Teddy's little tilt of his head just makes me want to give him a big hug!

They were all ready for Christmas in this picture and the one below. And Tina got them all to sit for a picture! (They may have been thinking, "Why am I on this bench!?")

And Teddy and Jaxson are just waiting to rub those hats off, I bet! You are all beautiful dogs! Your mom sure takes good care of you. I'm so glad she shared pictures with me, so everyone could meet you!


lady jicky said...

Tina's dogs are TIP TOP!
So healthy and groomed so beautifully - WHAT A JOY TO SEE :)

Tracey said...

Tina rocks!! Her dogs are gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing. Now, I just want her secret of how to get all 4 dogs in the same picture! I can't manage that! They are well trained obviously. :-)

chloemew said...

Thank you so much! They are the love of our lives.... but trained... hahahaha noooooo! There are about 100 pictures where everyone has a different agenda!!

emilyp said...

I am extremely impressed that they can be photographed together with no issues, lol. How great that they stay still! What is Tina bribing them with;)

They are gorgeous pekes and all look so happy !

Nicky said...

Yes, the dogs look great! Adorable photos.

Karin said...

They are just so precious and sweet to pose for their pictures!

Karin said...

Just noticed the link about the dog food. I am thankful for all the work Susan Thixton does to keep us informed.
I would love to send you a bag of Life's Abundance brand dog food which has NEVER been recalled. Two of my three poms had very sensitive stomachs which resolved within the first week of switching to this food which contains only human grade ingredients. Susan herself feeds Life's Abundance, so if you'd like a bag, I'd be happy to have one sent to you ~ consider it a donation:)